North Node In Cancer 2018-2020: How It Will Affect You

The North Node is in Cancer, and the South Node is in Capricorn. The lunar nodes will stay in Cancer and Capricorn until May 5, 2020.

What The Nodes Are All About, And Why They Are Important

The Nodes always move backward – in fact, they are the only ‘planets’ that move backward.

A good way to think about them is to think about a retrograde planet, with the distinction that a planet goes retrograde only a fraction of the time, while the Nodes are always retrograde.


That’s why the Lunar Nodes are associated with past lives and karma (the backward movement symbolizes going back in time).

But that’s not the only reason. The Nodes are where the Moon’s orbit crosses the ecliptic. The ecliptic is the apparent path the Sun makes around the earth. The Nodes thus where the divine design (the Sun) and material reality (Moon) meet.

The Lunar Nodes create the eclipses. We have two eclipse seasons every year and that’s when the world goes crazy.

This is when events tend to happen on a large scale: kings and queens are born (or die), scientific breakthroughs or discoveries are made (or great natural disasters occur), wars end (or start).

Eclipses are ‘regulating’ our collective karma. Eclipses also ‘regulate’ our individual karma, especially when they align with sensitive points in our charts. This is when people like you and me have a strong pull to take action, to make a decision, to sort themselves out.

When we are in the eclipse season (twice a year) the world seems to go crazy. Why? Because people feel in their soul the call of destiny

North Node vs. South Node

We have two lunar nodes, the North Node, and the South Node. Although both nodes are connected to karma, it is only the South Node that is connected to past lives and past karma.


The North Node instead is connected to our future karma and with the possibility for us to alter our karma. The North Node is our possibility to change the script of our destiny.

Why is the South Node connected to past karma? The South Node is also called the Descending Node because it is literally descending, going down. The South Node represents our unresolved karma, what we need to ‘sort out’ in this lifetime.

The South Node represents chances you haven’t taken, the opportunities you’ve missed, things you haven’t quite manifested in your past lives.

Let’s say you were a talented dancer in a past life. If you haven’t engaged with this talent, this talent will get passed on to your next lifetime, so that this time you will make good use of it. That’s why you were born with it in this lifetime. To finally make it work, to manifest it. 

The Fine Balance Between The South Node And The North Node

The question is, how to make it work? The answer is, through the North Node.

The North Node is the opposite of the South Node. If the South Node is familiar, the North Node is completely unfamiliar. The North Node is a skill you don’t master, that thing you stumble upon. Yet, your North Node is exactly what you need to master.

When you focus on the North Node, everything flows in perfect alignment with the universe.

If there was ONE thing in your chart you want to focus on, that would be your North Node.

When people focus on their North Node, all their problems get solved. It’s as simple as that, yet it may not be that easy to follow this North Node, because at least at the beginning, you don’t know where you should start from.

But that’s what astrology is for, to show you something that you wouldn’t know otherwise.

Does that mean we should dismiss the South Node and completely focus on the North Node? No, not at all. Your South Node is, in fact, a gift. But it is a stagnant gift, a gift that needs to be taken in a different direction.

That direction is the North Node. The South Node gift becomes a problem when we get stuck in it and refuse to change. When we do the same things over and over again. The solution to the South Node problem is always the North Node.

The paradox is that once you solved the South Node problem with the North Node, the outcome is not the North Node, but the South Node. The South Node is the ripening karma, for good and for bad.

The Lunar Nodes equation:

Problem (South Node) → Solution (North Node) → Outcome (South Node)

Cancer and Capricorn – The Mother and the Father

Now that the North Node moves into Cancer and the South Node moves into Capricorn, you may wonder what it means. In traditional astrology, Cancer (and the ruling planet, the Moon) is the mother, and Capricorn (or the ruling planet, Saturn) is the father.

But it’s much more to these symbols.

Cancer is what makes us feel nurtured, safe, and protected (just like our mother’s womb fed and protected us). Cancer comes from Latin “crab” and the crab is protected by its shell. In the same way, Cancer represents our need to feel safe, to have a home.


Capricorn is the highest point in our chart, where the Sun shines at its brightest, and represents what we aim for. The highest point in a chart is also the point of greatest visibility, so Capricorn is also where we feel exposed.

In the past, the women stayed in the cave to protect the weak (Cancer) while men went outside, got exposed, and fought against nature for survival. Capricorn rules hierarchies.

Both Cancer and Capricorn are about survival, but while Cancer meets this need in the inside, by creating a safe ‘home’ and inner resilience, Capricorn meets this need on the outside, by gaining status, respect, and by playing an important role in the hierarchy. The most primal needs of people are the needs of security (Cancer) and status (Capricorn).

What Does It Mean To Have North Node in Cancer And South Node in Capricorn?

As we said, the ‘problem’ is the South Node. A South Node in Capricorn is all about fighting to fit in, to gain status, to climb hierarchies, to meet goals, to have a career. But this comes at a price. When you put all your energy in the outside yourself, you neglect the inner world.

It is important to realize you cannot only work, work, work, work, work. The mountain goat might reach the top of the mountain, but it’s pretty lonely up there. When you’re always focusing on the next goal, on the next achievement, you forget who you are.

The solution? North Node in Cancer, i.e. building a strong inner foundation, nurturing yourself, doing what’s safe and comfortable.

The outcome? South Node in Capricorn, i.e. true progress, true achievements that come from a space of comfort and self-confidence.

When you really know who you are, when you’re strong on the inside (North Node in Cancer) there is nothing that you can’t achieve (South Node in Capricorn).  

Example: if you don’t get the promotion you are hoping for, the solution is not working harder. The solution is taking a holiday. Spending time with your family. Taking care of yourself. And the paradox is that when you do that, the promotion (or another achievement that is more aligned with who you are) always comes.

North Node In Cancer And South Node In Capricorn Key Dates

  • South Node conjunct Pluto (April 2019)
  • South Node conjunct Saturn (May-October 2019)
  • South Node conjunct Jupiter (January 2020)
  • North Node and South Node square Chiron (March 2020)

The North Node in Cancer and the South Node in Capricorn will bring us the following eclipses:

  • Solar Eclipse in Capricorn (South Node Eclipse) on January 5th, 2019 at 15° Capricorn
  • Solar Eclipse in Cancer (North Node Eclipse) on July 2nd, 2019 at 10° Cancer
  • Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn (South Node Eclipse) on July 16th, 2019 at 24° Capricorn
  • Solar Eclipse in Capricorn (South Node Eclipse) on December 25th, 2019 at 4° Capricorn
  • Lunar Eclipse in Cancer (North Node Eclipse) on January 10th, 2020 at 19° Cancer
  • Solar Eclipse in Cancer (North Node Eclipse) on June 20th, 2020 at 0° Cancer
  • Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn (South Node Eclipse) on July 4th, 2020 at 13° Capricorn

If your birthday is around one of these dates or if you have personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars) or angles (Ascendant, Descendant, MC, IC) around the degrees of the eclipse, you will be especially affected by North Node in Cancer and South Node in Capricorn in 2018-2020.

The Nodes come back in the same place every 18 years. The last times we had the Nodes in Cancer-Capricorn was:

  • April 10, 2000 – October 31, 2001
  • September 25, 1981 – March 16, 1983
  • December 24, 1962 – August 25, 1964.

What happened in your life back then?

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60 thoughts on “North Node In Cancer 2018-2020: How It Will Affect You

  1. I am literally doing this now. I didn’t get the job, so now I’m at home, nourishing myself and my family. I have a natal Taurus/Scorpio south and north node. I read that means I’m comfortable building things alone, but this time around I need to work in partnerships to get things done. Is that how you would interpret it? I don’t really see Scorpio as a team player tbh.

    1. Sara, it’s the opposite Taurus SN means you were resilient work alone now Scorpio NN asks you to be in soulmate relationships and be open to things coming to you from other people

    1. Yes, the nodes are mathematical points. In astrology we call the nodes ‘planets’ and we also call the Sun a planet (even if it is a star) and we call the Moon a planet (even if it’s a satellite). It’s just a terminology, indeed, they are not planets

      1. hi there I have a question, are the key dates you mentioned above relevant when your north node is Capricorn and your south node is cancer ?

    2. Born on 6th July 1982.
      Supposedly the longest total lunar eclipse in over hundred years.
      How will I b affected with current astrological movements?

  2. I have my birth placement of North Node Capricorn(8th) and South Node Cancer(2nd). So I will have for example(and as you know..) the North Node crossing over my South, and vise versa. I’m searching all over to try and better understand how that sort of thing ought to be understood and worked on from Soul perspective. I just finalized a divorce after 25 year marriage and am alone and experiencing independence for the first time in my entire life. I’ve always had to tend to children… even as a child. And my own children are now grown and moved out. I’m in a state of shock at some level.. very scared, and wanting to do the right thing for my Soul evolution and the best way to serve the world. How much do I pay to ask this question?

    1. I don’t have an answer for you Amy but I wanted to share that I am a North Nod Capricorn and South Node Cancer too. I’m a libra with my ascendent, moon and venus in Scorpio. I’ve been looking around too to see what this means on a soul perspective. I recently had a profound spiritual awakening that was triggered by a vision of what I think was my Christ Consciousness Grid or Merkaba. It was a a beautiful Grid with a portal in the middle that spanned above me in a perfect connection of dodecahedrons and hexagons. So many supernatural things have happened to me and I was in magical wonderland since then and now I’ve been catapulted into this exploration of my soul purpose. It hasn’t been as magical, more of a serious working on my weaknesses and seeing all the dark and pitiful things about myself.

      Anyway, it lead me to look closely at my birth chart and I found out about my nodes. I have no children, not married but in a long relationship. But I’ve raised kids all my life. I’m the oldest of five. I sacrificed a lot for my family and then I noticed I used my role as a crutch and an excuse not to follow my dreams. I’m trying to correct this. its not easy. I realized through it all I’ve lost some of the best parts of myself by putting my needs and wants on hold for so long. Not its hard to regain my confidence and put myself first and honor myself.

      I have bursts of inspiration to work on a project that I was inspired to do but for every step forward I seem to take two steps back and I notice I’m fearful to put myself out there. this is new for me. I never knew how much I hide my voice, my opinions my talents. It’s all become so clear and it is very shocking and unsettling to know let alone change.

      Sorry, this was a lot. I just felt compelled to share. As it seems we are both looking for the same thing.

      I think you are on the write path. The tone of your comment feels as if you are embracing the change very nicely. Divorce and an empty nest can be challenging but it seems you see the beauty in it. I wish you well as you create your new life. Enjoy every facet of your new independence! I know you will.

      Love and Blessing!

      1. April thank you for your reply here, I so understood what you said here about sacrificing your needs and wants for others. Oh boy did I resonate with that. Using my Mother as a crutch not to go travelling, as I have the North Node in my 9th house.
        When you said you had lost some of the best parts of yourself over the years, I recognised that in me too. Without your reply, these wouldn’t have stood out to me as something to work with now. Thanks lovely 😊

  3. I broke my tailbone 10/31/01, just before entering the Great pyramid. This seemed to set off a series of injuries (that still linger) and within a few yrs I was acquiring knowledge about self-healing.

  4. Thank you for all your work. I always learn something new from your reports and look forward to them.

  5. thank you for your guiding and ‘stories’ that make my life coherent 🙂 is this working in the same way if natal chart has North Node in Capricorn and South Node in Cancer? (focus your efforts in your outside world to gain a stable inner self -as opposed to build self-confidence and you will gain true achievements)

    1. Hi the Luna eclipse on the 4 of July conjuncts my south node in Capricorn exact . What could this mean? Houses south node second house north node in cancer 8th house

  6. Hi! What about having the Lunar Nodes in my personal charts? I have them completely opposite to what is going on with the transit: NN in early Cap 1st hse and SN in early Cancer 7th hse. Will they be triggered? I’m confused as to what I should do with harnessing my Cap NN…

  7. I was born with my North Node in Cancer, and my South Node in Capricorn. This should be a very interesting time coming up for me.

  8. The last time we were in this transit (Apr 10, 2000 to Oct 31, 2001), it was an extremely difficult time in my life. Someone came into my life to help me, and for that I am eternally grateful, but the difficulties I faced is something I do not ever wish to repeat. The thought of this transit makes me very nervous, if I’m required to face similar difficulties or difficulties based on what was happening all those years ago.

    Are you able to clarify how this transit relates to past transits? Or is that answer contained in the article and I missed it?

    1. With time, we learn to work with the energy of a particular transit. If the Nodal transit was difficult for you back in 2010, it doesn’t have to be difficult this time (if you integrated the lessons you learned back then) but will carry a similar energy, or it will influence similar areas of your life.

  9. fiance left me at end of September of 4 years. right at the beginning of Venus retrograde. we were born same day same year 7/2/78. so we both are experiencing the same thing at the same time. i am trying to heal right now and hope that toward the end of next year she will be back. dont know though.

  10. i have north node in cancer and south in caprcorn. Is this mean that these two years are crucial for me to get me align with my life purpose and i need to do self care.
    Great article…now i am realizing that why i am so workaholic and why i am always called to work on my emotions.

    1. The irony in your comment made me chuckle: you’re taking a break from being a workaholic in order to “work on (your) emotions”. You don’t WORK on your emotions, you FEEL them! 😂

  11. Really enjoyed this article. Thank you. I’m wondering if you can tell us what it means if your nodes are opposite this transit. North node in Capricorn, south node in Cancer ?

  12. I’m so confused about my nodes because the mean north node is 29° Sagittarius and the true north node is 0° Capricorn. I’m also a crab sun with sag rising so both energies are already very present in this lifetime, its hard to distinguish which is more significant. Any insight or suggestions are much appreciated. Thank you!

  13. hmmm. The last time these transits happened in early 80’s and early 2000’s, I moved from my birth country to live in a new country (each time). Wonder what will happen this time. I have reverse nodal return. My North Node is in Capricorn in 6th house and South Node in Cancer in 12th house at 26 degrees.

  14. I have a North Node in Cancer and South Node in Capricorn. My Moon is in Capricorn at 24 degrees and my IC and MC is 27 degrees. Sounds like it’s going to be a fun ride. Thanks for the heads up!!

    1. Oh wow, we are in the same boat! How has it been for you this far? I’m on a roller coaster ride that has been dizzyingly hard and now the pandemic just made it really hellish…

  15. Excellent article! Thank you! I’m an Aries Sun, Capricorn Moon, with Saturn conjunct my Capricorn Ascendant and of course, a Cancer Descendant. The July 16th 2019 Eclipse is a direct hit on my Moon! The December 25th 2019 Eclipse is minutes away from my natal Jupiter and than the January 10th 2020 Eclipse is opposite my natal Saturn. And to top it all off, Pluto is 2 degrees away from a conjunction on my Moon. Mom, who passed in 2008, her birthday is Jul 15th. Extended family only recently purchased a stone to mark her grave. They shared the information with me on Memorial Day. I moved for work in 2017 and am for the most part estranged from these family members. I have been in a quiet phase of reflection about who I was and how I acted in the past and hope and pray that the next few years get better.

    Thanks again, there is much in this article that I can relate to and use!

  16. So, what if your natal nodes are the opposite? SN in Cancer and NN in Capricorn? What does this time hold for me then?

  17. What if my sun and Ascendant are in cancer? My son’s Mercury and Venus are in cancer. Would that affect us ? And how ? Please, explain! I’m new in astrology and I really want to learn.
    Thank you!

  18. I have my Natal North Node in Capricorn and my Natal South in Cancer, so this is backwards for me and VERY confusing.

  19. Am a Pisces man having North node in cancer and South node in Capricorn. what kind of work can i do to survive. Thanks

    1. Am a Pisces man having North node in cancer and South node in Capricorn. what kind of work can i do to survive. Thanks

  20. My North Node is in Cancer and South Node is in Capricorn. I sprained my low back in 2000 and had to apply for disability (for multiple health reasons on top of this) in 2001. I bawled my eyes out every day because I wanted to keep working and continue participating in my social life and not have to be home all the time. I cannot believe that this was the last time the nodes aligned in Cancer-Capricorn with my chart! I became suicidal over this – especially with all the guilt trips from the people in my life and every day has been like this for me for 20 years! You wouldn’t believe how much they’ve abused me over this – past karma you say, hmmmmm…. Well, luckily, I’m still here because I gotta fulfill my purpose.

    I read Jennifer’s comment above about breaking her tailbone just before entering the great pyramid. That is so amazingly similar to my story. I’ve had to learn to work on my self-healing just like she did too.

    Well, here we are again with the Capricorn to Cancer Moon Node alignment but this time around I’ve just started learning about astrology (beyond my sun sign) and I’ve been reading about how my soul has been yearning for the Capricorn lifestyle but I’m supposed to be living the Cancer one because of my Natal Moon Nodes. This is the opposite of everything everyone in my life and the world has been telling me. I’ve prayed to my spirit guides to help me stop suffering emotionally about being disabled and housebound and now I think they may be the ones who led me to astrology.

    Learning about these Nodes and the role they play for me is making me feel so much better about having to stay at home as my health has only gotten worse over time and I’m finally, right NOW, feeling no guilt or shame about it. Finally!! I now know home and taking care of myself are supposed to be my focus this lifetime and I’m suddenly so good with that because now I know it was written in the stars for me all along and written in my chart, to my utter astonishment.

    “I feel released – bad times deceased – my confidence has increased – the game has been disbanded – my mind has been expanded – it’s a gas – rose tint my world – keep me safe from my trouble and paaaain!” – Rose Tint My World

    Seriously, this is the best news. I also read that **”When people focus on their North Node, all their problems get solved.”** Just like that (snap!) mine are solved. I thought my world was ending and being forced to stay home was the worst thing that could be happening to me, but now I get it — this all for my soul growth! Well, I’m embracing it now.

    I read that “the South Node gift becomes a problem when we get stuck in it and refuse to change. When we do the same things over and over again. The solution to the South Node problem is always the North Node.” You wouldn’t believe how hard I’ve tried to get back to that Capricorn lifestyle that once came more easily for me in my younger years and how nothing that worked for me back then has worked for me ever again. I’ve been so baffled about this and now I finally have an answer. Astrology! wow!! I never would have predicted this.

    I’m embracing this now. I just needed to shift my perspective and now I know I’ve been on the right track all along in spite of the guilt trips everyone has been laying on me. This feels life changing. I’m finally feeling relaxed and happy at HOME – Yes – HOME. 🙂

    “Oh give me a home….” ~ Home On The Range

    “There’s no place like home – there’s no place like home!” – Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz

  21. After recently losing my executive job for the 3rd time in 23 years, I’m now becoming more aware that my focus is required to be on building myself confidence (Cancer – North Node) as my status change feels like a sucker punch (Capricorn – South Node). As I’m job hunting and interviewing, I have chosen to forego executive roles and return to nursing either at the bedside or as a college faculty member. My ego requires depowering. Are there suggestions on how to build my self-confidence as I seem to be missing this with each lesson thus far?

  22. Thank your for the article! SN cap and NN cancer here. Such an interesting period!
    September 25, 1981 – March 16, 1983 – I was born.
    April 10, 2000 – October 31, 2001 – moved from home town to study in the capital.
    And changes are already in action right now!

  23. Hello,
    I was talking to an classmate she told me 10th house rules success and midheaven the destined career . Yesterday on Astrotheme and Astroseek, I put all my birth details on those sites and I found I’ve an empty 10th house ! It was a computer generated natal chart.
    I think I’ve a Cancer midheaven as she was telling .
    My birth details:
    9th January,2001
    12:22 a.m.
    Kolkata/ Calcutta, India.

    Please analyse my chart . My 9th house was pretty full like MC, Vertex, Moon, North Node all in one house . Empty tenth house but Leo in 10th house with no planet present there.

    What career field should I chose for significant fame and success?
    I really want the world to know me and appreciate my talents.

    I’m super confused and my classmate made me anxious about my career now lol 😂🙏

  24. I was wondering how this would impact me. I have sun in cap 12 house at 21 degrees amd north node in pisces 2nd house conjunct my moon.

  25. Oh..what an excellent article on nodes.. thank you for this. I am cancer rising (20 dgr) with NN 4degrees in cancer and God what a roller coaster ride it has been since last 2 yrs..partnership issue, should have left him but cannot do that somehow. Mind knows best to leave him but heart doesn’t allow. Wanting some change but don’t know how. These eclipses hit me hard, and so many planets that hit the eclipse mark.
    Natal mars in 13 degree capri. Mc 13 Aries. sun(24) venus (28)mercury (23)jupiter (21)all in scorpio and saturn pluto conjuct in Libra 27 squaring trasit saturn pluto conjuct. I wish I don’t have to make any decision and universe will make it for me.

  26. I began that period by leaving my work, apartment, belongings, country, everything literally, and go into a difficult and dense personal quest where I traveled on my own and did art here and there, with a strong idea of loss and confusion. Then I found very good and prestigious jobs that I only had to pick the highest one, which would bring me, again, alone in a new country and on my own in a new life. And I ended up that period getting engaged with an ex of mine, getting cheated on and lied to, getting pregnant, and losing the baby, right when the nodes changed to gemini/Sagittarius, last week. This is so dense I wonder how I don’t just disintegrate within emotional pressure.

  27. Natal sn 16° capricorn in 3rd -NN 16° cancer 9th.
    Its been my life facing my fears, now my health (spine) is telling me im exhausted.
    My whole life was supporting others, taking care of others. In 2018 i left a 18 year long relationship that didnt made me emotionally feel safe anymore. I engaged in a new relationship that has been a rollercoaster ride! I found out he cheated, i miscarriaged of him, month later an abortion. 5 months later pregnant again. Trying to rebuild our home. I found out about the cheating when he arrived here in my country to life together. I didnt feel safe with this man anymore while i was pregnant i felt depressed, hurt, fooled because i choose to change my life for him. Now i got diagnose with a kind of rheumatism, due to the gen HLA-B27 which is inherent in the family dna. It all fits the cancer north node.
    Because i had to face my fears, while i rely on help and care of a man who hurted me deeply i keep hearing about forgiveness.
    I had suïcidal thoughts, my mum even attempt it a few years ago. I intuitively listen to my own voice.. the capricorn is strict, negative thoughts and darkness to overcome. He wants control and wants you to take responsibilty. First its penetrating into your emotions, anger is a way to release your inner demons. I started to write things down whats bothering me and how i feel. It gave me more insight. My own saturn R is square my nodes. Im still living with the father of our newborn. This is his first child. He has ascendant 18° aries, he filled a gap in a my grand square to take action, but he fires me up too, since we life together my rheumatism (inflammatory- fire, aries) came to the surface. If we are about to last depends on our emotions, if i can release the past and forgive him. And if he feels welcome and at home with me. And he learns of emotions, learn to trust me and open up before he does something stupid again that doesnt make him feel like a better man. I had to learn a lot about emotional manipulation too. How man can abuse that in a woman. If a man denies the safe, confidant, taking care feeling of a woman, by putting here down your own lesson is to rebuild yourself again. A phoenix rising… like the seasons in nature. My progressed NN is conjunct fixed star Sirius. And yeah i had to face a lot of diabolical impurities in men. With beeing two faced how can you live up to your highest self if you cant be honest with yourself. Actions speak louder then words, and first think before you take action or hurt other people. Karma will come and bite, either this life or the next. Thats why men need to respect woman.

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