Full Moon In Pisces – Surrender To A Miracle

Full Moon In Pisces

On August 26th, 2018 we have a Full Moon at 3° Pisces.

The Full Moon in Pisces is probably the best Full Moon of the year. Why?

  • The Full Moon only makes positive aspects – sextiles and trines – with other planets. In fact, the Full Moon forms a special pattern called Kite. Kites are positive, dynamic configurations which bring opportunities.
  • The Full Moon is conjunct the fortunate fixed star Fomalhaut. Fomalhaut, also called the Watcher of the South, is one of the 4 royal stars (the others are Regulus, Aldebaran, and Antares) and is associated with riches and honors.
  • Both rules of the Full Moon (Jupiter and Neptune) form a trine. Neptune is the modern ruler of Pisces and Jupiter is the traditional ruler of Pisces. When both rules of a sign make a favorable aspect, they ‘agree’. This is a double YES!
  • Jupiter, the planet of faith, is now in Scorpio, the planet of trust. Neptune, the planet of dreams, is now in Pisces, the sign of endless possibilities. The message? Keep the faith and dream big! You will see this theme repeating over and over during this Full Moon.  

All You Need Is Trust And A Little Bit Of Pixie Dust

After a difficult eclipse season, the Full Moon in Pisces comes with a happy ending. You know those movies where the hero is continuously tested to the point of breakdown, and still, somehow he or she makes in in the end? The good finally prevails. This is how the Full Moon in Pisces will feel like.

And the good news doesn’t end here. Immediately after the Full Moon, Mars goes direct. Life truly comes back to normal! … or at least for a while. (heads up: Venus goes retrograde in October).

What I really like about this Full Moon is that is on the apex of a kite aspect pattern.

Imagine a kite floating in the sky, pointing to the Moon. The kite is maneuvred from the earth, yet it reaches toward the sky. When you can’t find what you are looking for here on earth, look up.

The kite will bring you an opportunity you were not even aware of.


The Full Moon And The Virgo Season

We are now in the middle of the Virgo season. Virgo is a time to get organized and be realistic. If your harvest is not what you expected, you can still make adjustments.

Most people give up just before they’re about to make it. Virgos instead (Capricorns too) stick to the plan. When everyone else moves to the next best thing with the hope this time they will make a better choice, Virgos actually finish what they have started.

Persistence always wins. Before giving up, think about how you can improve what you’re already doing. How can you become more productive? Productivity doesn’t sound very sexy, but the results it brings are very sexy indeed. Stick to what have you been doing in the first 6 months of the year, at least for one more month. You will thank yourself.

How does the Full Moon in Pisces fit into the picture? A Full Moon is a time of culmination, a time to reap what you’ve sown. A Full Moon always takes place in the opposite sign of the Sun. To get results, you need to take the opposite perspective.

Virgo vs. Pisces

We are now in the Virgo season, but the breakthrough will come if you look in the opposite sign of Pisces.

Both Virgo and Pisces are mutable signs. Virgo ends our individual journey around the zodiac (Aries to Virgo). Pisces ends our collective journey around the zodiac (Libra to Pisces).

Virgo and Pisces are associated with endings, but they bring much more than just that. Virgo and Pisces bring choices and possibilities. And depending on what you choose, you have a final outcome. An outcome, not an ending. 

But the way Virgo and Pisces approach this is very different.

If Virgo is down to earth, Pisces floats in the sky.

If Virgo is very practical – and choosy – about what opportunities to pursue, Pisces is imaginative and embraces pretty much everything. There’s nothing unworthy to Pisces – Pisces can find a little bit of themselves in everyone, and everything.

Surrender To A Miracle

In astrology, Pisces is the sign of miracles. In the endless sea of possibilities, miracles are possible, as long as you believe in them.

Pisces is all about surrender. Surrender has somewhat a negative connotation. It’s like you can only surrender to what is negative, undesirable, and beyond your control.

But what you find when you surrender to the grace of God, Universe, or however you want to call it, is nothing like that. Beyond fear, there is only love. 

What about surrendering to a miracle? Do you believe a miracle could even happen to you? You can’t know for sure, but you can embrace the possibility. Let yourself float, just like a kite in the sky.

“Who’s to say where the wind will take you/ Who’s to say what it is will break you/ I don’t know which way the wind will blow”

The message of the Full Moon?

Find the balance between persistence and surrender. Stick to your path. Give it one last push. Surrender to the endless possibilities that lay beyond what you can even imagine. And believe that a miracle, somewhere, is waiting for you.

Everyone will benefit from this Full Moon. If you are a Pisces, or if you have Pisces rising, you will benefit even more so. If you have planets around 3° in feminine signs (Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces), the Universe will offer you a one of a kind opportunity. Make sure you don’t miss it!

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17 thoughts on “Full Moon In Pisces – Surrender To A Miracle

  1. Hello! I have Jupiter in Scorpio at 4degrees in my 12th house. What could this mean? Thank you for everything! Blessings! <3

    1. Jupiter forms favorable aspects – sextile to the Sun and trine to the Full Moon. You will feel the positive effects of this eclipse, although it will not necessarily impact you directly, because you don’t have planets at 3° Pisces and also because the 12th house is a less ‘eventful’ house. Blessings

  2. I have nothing in Pisces and no feminine signs anywhere close to 3 degrees. I’ll be watching by the sidelines. Everyone enjoy your miracles!

    1. The Full Moon still falls in a house in your natal chart. If you have Pisces in the 2nd house for example, you can have some financial gain, if it is in the 3d house, you can go on a trip and so on 🙂

  3. This full moon has been beautiful to watch from Harvey Bay in Queensland. It has been in view this morning while travelling North.
    Thank you for your Astro write up, I always look forward to reading,
    Le x

  4. And I didnt do the tarot ritual I was planning to do. I missed it. And maybe I did it to punish myself. Uranus is 20minutes from my ascendant. And Jupiter is 1° from my natal mercury. Its really funny, neptune, jupiter and Saturn. Their little conjunctions in my birth chart right now. Ugh… much exhaustion. Lol

    1. Your soul chose to do what was right at that moment. Pisces is a very serendipitous sign. Uranus is asking you to reclaim your freedom. Everything happens for a reason!

      1. Lol yeah. I know. I did this to myself. That’s why I friggen laugh, and cry. Haha. It’s all the way it’s supposed to be. And I hate it. Haha. *covers my face, peeks between my fingers*

  5. I want to find that miracle, I believe in miracles and I absolutely adored every word you have written, thank you soo much! It is inspiring and motivating 🙂 with Venus 3 degrees in Pisces and Mars in Cap 4 degrees and a pisces 10th house I am very much excited, what do you think?

  6. I am a Pisces and am in a major transition with my life’s work. With these past few months of “happenings” with Mars retrograde, I feel like everything has gotten in the way. I have finally been given the gift to write my book and delve more into my intuitive work and get a coaching certification…. hoping this is what the miracles will be… the clear path to do the work and to discipline myself for this. Is this what I could see in this time?
    So happy I stumbled upon your article. I’m interested in what else you offered.

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