Sun Opposite Neptune – Dissolve Your Ego And Let The Real You Emerge

Sun Opposite Neptune – Dissolve Your Ego

Because Sun represents our identity, and Neptune dissolves any planet it touches, Sun opposite Neptune is an opportunity to leave behind the old definition of who you are and meet the timeless, infinite Self that you really are.


Neptune is an outer planet, which means it cannot be seen with the naked eye. In fact, Neptune is the first planet to be discovered by using mathematics only.

Neptune is a very abstract planet.  With the discovery of Neptune, mathematics and theory, rather than observation became the rule in astronomical research.

The Sun is You, is the role you play in life. We identify so much with the Sun, that we reduce all the sky to the Sun. If someone asks you “What’s your sign” you answer with your Sun sign, not with your Moon sign or with your Mercury sign.

What does it mean when an outer planet makes a challenging aspect to the Sun? An outer planet applying an opposition to the Sun signifies a crisis that happens outside the consciousness.

The crisis happens outside our consciousness, because an outer planet is a planet we cannot see, we cannot perceive, at least not with our limited material senses.

That’s why Neptune transits are famous for the confusion they bring. When something happens outside if yourself, it something you cannot see, you cannot measure, you cannot make sense of.

In these circumstances, it is absolutely normal to feel confused, to feel lost. You don’t know what’s going on.

Sun opposite Neptune can also shake your self-esteem and self-confidence. You can feel powerless and confused. Or something from the outside can take away your power.

Sun Opposite Neptune – Finding Order In Chaos

Another way you can experience Sun opposite Neptune is through a loss in motivation. Neptune can fog your vision and blur your focus – you can suddenly lose interest in something that was very important to you before, for example, your career, or a big project you were involved in.

Neptune is the opposite of Saturn, if Saturn builds, Neptune dissolves. Neptune opposite Sun will dissolve the foundations you built your life on. Your mission, your goals, your ambitions can make no sense to you anymore.

Order transforms into chaos.

But it is in the chaos that a new order emerges. The old foundations of your ego are demolished so you can find who you really are.

Neptune opposite Sun disintegrates your old self, so your new, higher self can emerge.  Neptune dissolves the identification with your ego, so you can move to a higher expression of yourself.

Sun is not only who you are, but also who you think you are. We tend to identify with our origins, with our community, with our workplace, with our career.

Sun opposite Neptune will challenge all these projections and layers of identification and will push you on a different direction, on an unknown direction, on a path you’ve never been before, on a path that scares you.

But the path that scares you the most is usually the one that liberates you from the chains of the past.

Neptune is also the planet of liberation from the material world, representing the higher, immaterial, spiritual level of our existence. It is that part of you that is immortal, that part of you that is pure, unconditional love.

Sun opposite Neptune can also bring you deep longings, desires, restless nights, regrets; you will aspire to something higher, something divine, something out of this world, something magical.

Sun opposite Neptune can also bring disappointments with authority figures, with people that hold some sort of power. During this transit, some people can let you down. If someone promised you something they might not stick to their promise when Sun is opposite Neptune.

But before you get disappointed and decide to remove these people from your life, think about how you may have contributed to this situation.

Even if you did everything right, maybe you idealized too much that person, or that desired outcome. Maybe you projected some supernatural power on that person, maybe you expected some sort of magic, maybe there was a bit of an illusion from your side as well.

Deep inside we always know who to trust and who not to trust. Can you consider that maybe you knew that project will collapse, you knew that person will let you down, but you decided to believe it anyway? Maybe there was something unrealistic about your goals in the first place.

Sun Opposite Neptune – Be Your Own Guru

Or maybe it’s YOU who needs to become that authority person you admire. Maybe you haven’t really put yourself “out there” in the past and you have projected your own power onto others, hence the disappointment.

Neptune makes us see what we want to see. Did you put your rose colored glasses on? That’s fine, but the reality is not always pink. With Neptune, we need to keep in mind that the scenery might change when we take our glasses off.

But there is a big WHY behind all this confusion and chaos – the purpose of the Sun opposite Neptune is to help you let go of the old identification of the ego, of all the goals and desires that are outdated, that no longer serve your best purpose.

However confusing this time is, right now you are actually searching for who you truly are.

Do you feel lost? Stay with that feeling, don’t try to fight it, resist the temptation to label it as “wrong” or inappropriate. It is ok to feel lost. Is in that place of apparent confusion where you can find the real you, where you can find your true goals.

Remember that Neptune represents the “higher power”, God, the cosmic womb, the ocean of existence where we all emerged from.

Sun Opposite Neptune – Ride The Waves

We are not higher than Neptune, we cannot control Neptune, we are just a drop of water in the ocean.  The best thing you can do is to simply go with the river, go with the flow.

Don’t try to resist change, don’t fight your circumstances. This is not a time to fight, or to show others you’re right and they’re wrong. This is a time to show compassion and understanding and let life be.

On a positive note, Sun opposite Neptune can make you more compassionate, more gentle, more responsive to suffering. You can now tune in with others more easily, you can connect better with other people, you can see behind their projected ego, you can see deeper, you can connect with their soul.

How To Make The Best Of Sun Opposite Neptune

  • Do something nice for others – show them that you care, send them a nice message of support
  • Be there for people in need – you can volunteer for a cause or do a small donation, for example to the victims of the Hurricane Harvey or the victims of the South Asia floods. Neptune also rules water and floods.
  • Stay away from negative vibrations and surround yourself with positive vibrations – travel to a secluded place, visit a spiritual site, listen to enchanting music, meet gentle and compassionate people
  • Try hypnotherapy, dream therapy or mantra chanting
  • If someone lets you down, try to forgive them. Look for the silver lining – what could be the purpose behind this betrayal?
  • Design your ideal you and your ideal lifestyle – with Sun opposite Neptune it’s ok to do dream big and aspire to the best version of yourself

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16 thoughts on “Sun Opposite Neptune – Dissolve Your Ego And Let The Real You Emerge

  1. I’ve got Gemini 12 degree at house 5, Virgo at 10 degree house 8, Sagittarius 12 degree house 11 and Pisces 10 house 2, so according to that, I’ll be quite feeling it isn’t it?

    1. You have Neptune and Pluto, this is a lot of transpersonal energy. It can be indeed a difficult time, but rest assured that a better version of yourself will emerge after this transit 🙂

  2. Lots very confusing at the moment. The past is back again , would like it to stay but despite my best efforts I don’t think it will.

    1. It lasted for a few days – the Full Moon in Pisces on the 6th of September had a similar energy but now is should fade out

  3. Upsetting times and upsetting to read…the truth. It’ll all come good, I’ll keep the faith, I will, but what a journey – what a turn of events! Having Neptune in exact same degree as my Ascendant 4’in Sag after three weeks of absolute crushing Mercury retrograde, I’ve learnt dear lessons and now truly, truly ready to move on. Thank you for the best blogg text ever! 🙏🏻🐬🐬

  4. I know someone with this placement as part of a t square. His sense of reality is very diffuse, he has been diagnosed with schizophrenia his whole life.

  5. I literally needed to see this post!!! Mine is a bit tricky I have Neptune, Saturn and Uranus in the 2H conjunction opposite my poor cancer sun in the 8H. I also have Pluto opposite my moon in Taurus and also conjunct my Scorpio ascendant. The more I try to gain control of my life, the more control I lose. Outer planets’ energies are extremely difficult to handle cus they are all external but hit badly internally. Sometimes, like right now, I wish I could just get a break.

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