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Buy the Astrology Desk Calendar 2018 for yourself or as a gift for an astrology lover friend.

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The Astro Butterfly Astrology Calendar captures the astrological atmosphere of 2018 on a beautiful, 13 page desk calendar. The calendar will guide you through the astrological transits of 2018, month by month.

If you want to know what the stars have in store for you, the Astro Butterfly calendar is exactly what you need.

You will get:

  • Key astrology transits: New Moons, Full Moons, planets in signs, conjunctions, oppositions, squares and trines
  • How much cardinal, fixed, mutable energy we have each month
  • How much fire, earth, air and water we have each month
  • The strongest and the weakest planet of the month. If Mars is the strongest planet in a given month, we are going to have plenty of action. If Venus is the strongest, our relationships will come into focus.
  • The strongest sign of the month and the weakest sign of the month.
  • Detailed ephemeris: with the position of each planet (sign, degree° and minute’)
  • Retrograde periods: marked with Rx and colored for easy reference

The last page of the calendar has an overview of the next 2018 astrological energy quality. Quality (cardinal, fixed, mutable) and elemental (fire, earth, air, water) energy has been quantified so you can know in advance what to expect in the upcoming months.

Although the Astro Butterfly Astrology Calendar is primarily designed for astrology connoisseurs, the calendar is also a great tool for beginners to learn astrology.

Together with the calendar, I will send you as bonus the method I used to calculate the amount of cardinal, fixed, mutable, fire, earth, air, and water for each month.

In addition to the method, I will also send you a one page template so you can calculate your own astrological energy signature.

Because it is unique and provides astrology information you won’t find anywhere else, the Astro Butterfly calendar makes a great gift for your astrology enthusiast friend.

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Dimensions 8 x 6 in


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