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Do You Love ❤️ Astrology?

There is a reason why people have been fascinated with astrology from the beginning of time.

There is something very fundamental about astrology: ​​it tries to solve the mystery of human existence​​. Having meaning in life is one of the deepest human needs.

Even people who don’t believe in astrology, in God, or anything spiritual or metaphysical, stillsearch for meaning; even if only to prove that there is no meaning.

There is nothing more despairing than the idea that we are here by chance, or that our existence has no special purpose whatsoever.

And then comes astrology that tells us that yes, ​life has a meaning​. If some predictable things happen when there is a Full Moon or an Eclipse, this means there is a correlation between what happens here on Earth and what happens in the skies.

Transform Your Life With Astrology

Nothing happens by chance. The stars have aligned so you can land on this page.

If you’re familiar with astrology, you already know there is a connection between the movement of the stars and what happens here on earth. Our inner world is a reflection of the world outside, and everything is synchronized. As above, so below.

Astro Butterfly stands for astrologyAstro” and transformationButterfly“. Astrology can indeed transform your life.

Astro Butterfly Astrology 

Astro Butterfly is a blog, a community and an astrology school.

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Astro Butterfly Wings Certification Program

Learn astrology with Astro Butterfly Wings

Astro Butterfly Wings is a 10-week natal chart reading certification program that runs from October 10th to December 18th, 2022.

  1. Astro Butterfly Wings is for beginner and intermediate astrology students
  2. Astro Butterfly Wings PRO is for upper-intermediate and advanced students