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Juno – Undying Devotion

The Juno archetype comes from Roman mythology. Juno was the wife of Jupiter, the King of the Gods, and patron of the Roman Empire. Their marriage was not without problems – Jupiter cheated on Juno again and again, but despite that, she stayed loyal and faithful.

In almost all schools of astrology, Juno is associated with commitment, loyalty, marriage, and legal contracts.

Let’s take a closer look at the Juno themes and see what Juno really stands for. My research conducted on private clients and celebrities charts shows a Juno closer linked to the 8th house of shared resources rather than to the 7th house of partnerships. And more important, Juno stands for the commitment to protect these shared resources – be it monetary resources, emotional resources, cultural resources, or life itself.

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Money: Juno had a variety of roles, among them being the protector of the Roman people, protector of women and children, and counselor of the state. In her role as adviser, she was known as Juno Moneta. The first coins had Juno Moneta on the face, and were called “moneta”, from which the term “money” is derived.

John Keynes, the founder of macroeconomics and the economic policies of governments, who advocated the use of fiscal and monetary policies to mitigate the effects of economic recession, has Juno conjunct MC. Economy and money as we know them today come from the work of an man with Juno on his MC.

Shared resources:  Juno’s position in society comes from her marriage to Jupiter, so she can’t just walk out the door, even if he is cheating on her and treating her badly. To maintain power, she paradoxically has to give it away to her husband.

With Juno, there is always something we gain from our relationship with another – money, resources, power. And there is always something we have to give away.

Jordan Belfort, known as the Wolf of Wall street (Sun conjunct Juno in Cancer) made a fortune with other people’s money, by trading overpriced penny stocks. This was until he got caught and he had to spend 2 years in prison. You see, nothing comes for free.

The famous actor Jeremy Irons made a remark few years ago worth of his Juno conjunct MC in Aries. He basically opposed gay marriage on the grounds that it could ‘debase’ marital law, suggesting it could be manipulated to allow fathers to pass on their estates to their sons without being taxed, because he supposed incest laws would not apply to men. Talk about shared resources!

Marriage: Juno is strongly linked to marriage, and the asteroid pops up indeed very often in marriage charts. But is more to Juno than what we usually associate with the astrological 7th house of partnerships. Libra and the 7th house is the mirror of Aries / the 1st house, is about the process of ourselves (Aries / 1st house) though others (Libra, 7th house). The 1st / 7th house axis is about our identity.

A partnership brings together 2 individuals with 2 different identities. Hence the need to negotiate, to adapt, to reconcile the differences, but the key theme here is who we are (not what we have). With Juno we cross the realms of the 8 house, and the union becomes more about “what we share together” vs. “what we are together”. And in practice, marriage and money have to go together.

When two people decide to get married, they make a commitment to share the good and the bad, to share resources and responsibilities. Juno in this regard is about building security in a relationship through shared resources and experiences. Marriage in this context comes to “seal the deal”, to ensure the commitment is valid and passes the test of time.

Emanuel Macron, the president of France has Juno conjunct Sun. At the age of 17 he promised his then 40-years-old drama teacher to marry her. He kept his word.

Commitment: Both Pope John Paul I and John Paul II have Juno exactly conjunction their Ascendant.  Mahatma Gandhi, the leader of the Indian independence movement, also called the “Father of the nation” has Juno on his IC, his roots. His “passive resistance” campaign is if you want, the definition of commitment to a cause.

Eva Peron, the first lady of Argentina, who got the official title “Spiritual leader of the nation” had as well Juno conjunct IC. Tom Cruise, known for his commitment to scientology has the Sun Juno conjunction in Cancer.

Juno shows very often in the chart of celebrities known for their social activism: Jane Fonda (Juno conjunct MC in Scorpio), Woopy Goldberg (Juno conjunct MC in Sagittarius) or George Clooney (Juno conjunct ascendant in Pisces), who is known not only for his activism, but especially for his wife’s activism, who is a human rights barrister.

Other iconic figures with prominent Juno are Walt Disney (Juno conjunct the ascendant in Virgo), Michael Jackson (Sun conjunct Juno in Virgo), Gordon Ramsey (Juno conjunct IC in Leo) or “born in the USA” Bruce Springsteen (Juno conjunct IC in Leo).

Devotion: If it is one theme that stands out when we try to understand Juno, that is the theme of devotion – devotion to a partner even if they are cheating (Juno/Hera and Jupiter/Zeus), devotion to a nation (Gandhi, Eva Peron), devotion to music (Michael Jackson), devotion to God (the Popes).  The underlying sense of love and devotion is so strong that it goes beyond rationality, it comes from a sacred space of compassion and reverence for the human kind, for life itself .

Mother Theresa, well-known for her humanitarian work, had a tight Sun-Juno conjunction in Virgo. Anna Politkovskaia, another Sun conjunct Juno in Virgo, is a human right activists who refused to give up reporting on the Chechen war despite numerous acts of intimidation and violence, including poisoning.  Clarence Darrow (Sun conjunct Juno in Aries), one of  the most famous lawyers and civil libertarians, devoted himself to opposing the death penalty, which he felt to be in conflict with humanitarian progress. In more than 100 cases, Darrow only lost one murder case.

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Juno In Capricorn – Stand Your Ground

Juno, Jupiter’s wife symbolizes our attitude toward relationships, especially the themes of commitment and equality in relationships. Juno also rules the insecurities and jealousies that can arise in relationships.

In Greek mythology, Juno was the suspicious and jealous wife, chasing her husband’s mistresses and punishing both her husband and his lovers for their infidelities. But  “jealousy”  is an oversimplification of what Juno stands for. More than the “jealous” wife, Juno is the “forgiving” wife. Jupiter cheated on Juno again and again, yet she still stayed with him, fulfilling her marital duties.

Juno simply knows what it takes to have a relationship that is set on equal terms, a relationships that can stand the test of time. Equal terms can mean anything from “I’ll cheat on you if you cheat on me” to true commitment, when we stick to our partner though the good but also through the bad times, no matter what  – and Juno understands the value of commitment more than anyone else.


Most of us have some kind of challenge around making the transition from romantic love to commitment.  In astrology, Venus and the 5th house rule romantic love and the beginning of relationships, while Juno and the 7th house rule committed relationships and official partnerships.

Juno is literally acknowledged as the asteroid of Marriage. Astrological research has shown over and over again the strong link between Juno and marriage. Juno transits often pop up in marriage charts or in husband/wife synastries.

On the 2nd of February Juno moves from freedom-loving Sagittarius into serious, ambitious and responsible Capricorn.

In Capricorn, Juno is strong and stands her ground. More than in any other sign, Juno in Capricorn demands respect. She makes up her own mind and exudes authority through her presence, class and outstanding style. She wants to be surrounded by and she’s actively looking for partners who understand her ambition and drive for success.

Juno in Capricorn seeks depth and the assurance of long-term commitment, more exactly traditional forms of commitment. If she feels she’s losing control, Juno in Capricorn will enter defense mode and do everything under her power to regain it and demand obedience.

And because Juno is the Goddess of Marriage, when in Capricorn, she will take marriage with the utmost seriousness. She sees marriage as a social contract in which both partners support each other’s reputation, climb the social ladder and keep each other looking good.

For all of us, during Juno’s transit in Capricorn will become more important to “officialize” our partnerships,  sign long-term contracts and “get our act together”.  More than ever we will now want to take pride in our partner – not in the way Juno in Leo “brags” with a beautiful or rich lover, but a sense of pride for the accomplishments, success and authority that our partner has gained through hard work.

The deeper meaning of Juno in Capricorn is about taking responsibility for our own life. We need to become that responsible partner we are looking for. We need to stand our ground and defend our faith and values. We need to commit to become the best version of ourselves.