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Transformation is natural and inevitable. It is written in our DNA.  Look at the tiny seed who knows how to sprout. In the same way, the nature has provided you with a unique design, a unique path. This path is your individual mission in this life.

In astrology, this is represented by the natal chart. Every day, the movement of the Moon, Sun or planets can activate different parts of your chart and can influence your life in a myriad of ways. Everything is written in the stars.

Astrology is a great tool for personal development and for expanding awareness about yourself and the world around you.

Astrology can help you understand:

  • Who you really are, your psychological structure, your underlying needs and motivations, what your soul is yearning for
  • How the movements of the planets affect you each day, and what this means in the bigger picture of your life
  • When are the best times to manifest your purpose and take your destiny in your own hands, or, when it’s better to wait to see how things unfold

On Astro Butterfly you can read about the monthly astrology transits, New Moons, Full Moons and any other important astrological event.  In the tag cloud you can find specific articles for the sign (Aries, Taurus etc.) or the planet (Venus, Pluto etc.) you are interested in.

About Me

My relationship with astrology started a long time ago. I was 9 years old when I bought my first astrology book with pocket money from my grandparents.

Back then I thought Astrology is about knowing your Sun sign. I knew I was a Libra and that was pretty much it. But somehow, still, I was drawn to astrology and wanted to know more.

It was something about the promise of hope and possibility that astrology holds. The promise that there is a meaning behind it all, that we were brought into this world for a reason.

And that if there is an intelligent design, something greater than us, this “higher meaning” can be somehow depicted in the stars. I felt that astrology holds that key that could open the secret door of knowledge and wisdom.

Back then in the early 90s, with no internet and no astrology software, I made my first chart by hand, armed with a book of ephemeris, a pen, a paper and a circular ruler.

Years passed, and as I deepened my knowledge, I discovered the planets, transits, progressions, directions, synodic cycles, fixed stars, and so on.

The more I studied natal charts, the more I analyzed how specific transits correlate with certain events, the more I started to notice similar patterns. Based on these patterns I created my own methods to make sense of the vast amount of information.

But it was not until I understood what astrology really stands for, that I could start practicing it with confidence. This is when I had the breakthrough about why people come to astrology.

Firstly, not everyone is drawn to astrology. There are people who only believe in what they see and experience directly, and are not looking for answers beyond senses and reason.

People who feel drawn to astrology usually believe in something greater than themselves. People come to astrology when they cannot find the answers they are looking for anywhere else.

People don’t come to astrology only to learn about their personality traits (any personality test can provide you with tons of information about yourself), nor to learn about what their future holds (although these are the usual questions an astrologer is most frequently asked).

The main reason people come to astrology is because they want to go to the “next level” in their life. They are at the beginning of their transformation journey, but lack the clarity on how to get there.

People come to me immediately after a break up, or at the beginning of a new relationship, when they move homes, change jobs, in general when they feel stuck in their life, and when they feel a next phase in their life is about to start.

The natal aspects and the current transits and progressions can shed light into the transformational process you are undergoing and can point toward some blind spots and directions to work with, so you can move to “the next level” with awareness.

Because Earth and Air are the strongest elements in my chart, I like to combine astrology with practical tips and suggestions on how to “work” with the specific natal aspects or transits.

After doing charts and astrology coaching for a long time, a few years ago I felt drawn to reach more people with my writing. This is how Astro Butterfly was born.

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