Welcome to Astro Butterfly – the astrology website for souls who feel a call for transformation.

Just like the caterpillar transforms into a butterfly, we all grow though different stages of development. Life is a continuous unfolding.

In astrology, these different stages of development are represented by planetary motions and planetary cycles. In their orbital movements, planets change signs, change direction (retrograde or direct), form geometric relationships with one another, complete cycles and start new ones. We are all affected by these changes, because we all come from one Source.

Just like a tiny seed knows how to become a tree, the nature has provided us with a unique design, an unique path. This path is our individual mission in this life.  In astrology, this is represented by the natal chart. The natal chart is our unique celestial signature.

When we are tuned in with the universe and with ourselves, we effortlessly walk on our path and move into our soul’s purpose. But in nowadays’ world it is easy to get lost. When we get lost, we experience a feeling of numbness. We know we have deviated from our path when we find it difficult to take action, when we tend to procrastinate, and rely on formulaic recipes for success to fill the void of our spiritual longing. But we will not feel fully alive unless we learn the truth of who we really are, and take responsibility for our destiny.

My name is Astro Butterfly and I practice tropical astrology. I like to combine traditional astrological practices such as natal chart readings, transits and progressions with practical approaches from coaching, mindfulness, positive psychology, art therapy or Ayurveda.

You can find more details about my products and services on my Etsy shop.


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