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Astrology of December 2016 – A Molotov Cocktail

December will be the most unpredictable month of the year. Fasten your seatbelts and read on.

The month starts with the retrograde station of Chiron on the 1st of December. We all have some wounds, even if we had the happiest childhoods and even if we now meditate and do yoga daily. Being humans is about accepting that there is a part of us that will always bleed. But is accepting and releasing whatever feelings of inadequacy we may have – the only way to deal with the wound of human existence.


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On the 2nd Mercury enters Capricorn and we will get a bit more serious and achievement-oriented. Or, at least our communication will become more goal-oriented. After we explored life’s endless opportunities when Mercury was in Sagittarius, now is time to choose what we want to do, and simply go for it. Determination is, the way can be found!

On the 7th of December Venus enters Aquarius so for four weeks or so we will all want to love and be free. During Venus’s stay in Aquarius (7th of December -2nd of January) we are developing the skills of detachment and objectivity. We need to learn how to detach from the norms around us, so that we don’t get swept into just doing the same old things we are expected to do, which will keep us away from knowing who we really are.

On the 10th of December we have Sun conjunct Saturn – time to get serious, go into details, and get real about what we want to do with our life.

On the 11th Sun is trine Uranus – one day later, we will suddenly know what we want to do with our life: follow our passions, be free etc.…until…

…the Full Moon in Gemini kicks in on the 13th on December. Expect some “interesting” discussions and revelations, I won’t say more at this point, but will write an article about this Full Moon closer to the date.

On the 19th of December we have two astro events: Firstly, Mars enters Pisces and we will be driven to make our dreams come. Be careful what you wish for. Mercury turns retrograde in the same day which can result in confusion and mental scatter.

On the 21st Sun enters Capricorn marking the winter Solstice in the Northern hemisphere and the summers solstice in the Southern Hemisphere. This is a point of culmination, so everything you’ve been doing since 21st of March (when we had the beginning of the astrological year when the Sun moved into Aries) is likely to manifest now.

On the 24th we have Saturn trine Uranus and one day later Venus trine Jupiter. Venus trine Jupiter is a five star transit and is best to enjoy it by going out, having fun and something nice to eat.

Saturn trine Uranus is a bit different. You see, these planets meet so rarely in the sky, that even a trine (an aspect that is far from being as eventful as a conjunction or a square) will influence us somehow. Saturn is all about structure and Uranus is all about freedom. A trine means what we will find (or aim to find) the perfect balance between the two.

On the 26th of December Jupiter opposes Uranus – this transit is another “biggie” because is not that often that two slow moving planets like Jupiter and Uranus get the chance to connect. We only have this transit once every 12 years! Jupiter is “larger than life” “I see opportunities everywhere” “I see trees are green, skies of blue” and Uranus is about freedom, change and “I could not care less about rules, the energy must flow, even if we need to start a revolution”. Can you imagine what will happen when these two titans will clash in the sky? I will definitely mark the date in my calendar and I WILL read the news.

On the 28th the New Moon in Capricorn is conjunct Mercury retrograde – expect messages from old friends and some nice time with your family. Go for a social gathering or do some networking, you never know where a business opportunity may arise. Like with every New Moon, events are likely to happen today, especially if you are a  Capricorn or if your Rising sign is in Gemini or Virgo.

On the 29th Uranus turns direct – expect the unexpected, especially that Uranus stations exactly after the New Moon. Surprises all around 😉

The year ends with Mars conjunct Neptune in Pisces on the 31st of December – don’t indulge too much into alcohol but DO take a trip with your imagination and dream about the endless possibilities that 2017 may bring. Time to act upon your wildest dreams!

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New Moon in Sagittarius – Step into the Unknown

The New Moon in Sagittarius on the 29th of November is an invitation to see life as an adventure, and trust that the universe will figure out how to manifest whatever our heart desires.

“When you come to the edge of all the light you have, and must take a step into the darkness of the unknown, believe that one of two things will happen to you: either there will be something solid for you to stand on, or you will be thought how to fly” – Patrick Overton


The New Moon is square Neptune, while the ruler of the New Moon, Jupiter is square Pluto. Squares create a lot of friction and things are likely to happen because there is so much energy that asks for expression.

Neptune and Pluto are transpersonal planets while Jupiter is the teacher and the Protector. The Universe is there to give us the push we need to step into the unknown.

The message is clear: the Universe wants us to take action, and for this will awaken the adventure seeker inside each one of us.

We won’t be forced to do anything we don’t want to do (unless we don’t know yet what we want). So the good news is that we are likely to very much enjoy the new possibilities that are opened up. In our heart we always wanted to take risks and live a life of fulfillment, but centuries on conditioning have thought us to focus on the possible negative consequences of setting our spirit free.

No more self doubt – the New Moon in Sagittarius is an invitation to take a leap of faith, and trust that the universe will take care of you.

Invite possibilities in your life – if you open your mind and you heart you start noticing at every corner the infinite possibilities that are out there in the big world. The New Moon in Sagittarius is the best time to tune into the potential  that each new day brings for adventure and change.

Embrace the new – change a daily routine, your job, your residence. Anything is possible now – you have the faith, the hope and the courage to take the chances that come to you.

Move on, even if you don’t know yet where are you heading.  We are never really aware of and we never really reach our full potential, but we can sense it, and try to reach towards it.

Things to do during the New Moon in Sagittarius:

  • Attend a place of worship, a meditation class, or read a spiritual book
  • Practice honesty – when you have a one-on-one conversation with someone, take the chance and speak directly from your heart. If there are no opportunities to have a close conversation with someone, visualize yourself being filled with the courage to stand for, and act upon your beliefs
  • Take a trip, go for an adventure, explore a new place
  • Start any ritual work that will draw abundance into your life – a money spell for example
  • Expand your knowledge – enroll to a new course, or start working with a mentor. This is the best time of the year (29-30 Nov) to find the right mentor for you
  • Although the temptation to go for the big picture is there stronger than ever, try to be aware of your tendency to take shortcuts and omit important details
  • Trust your inner Guide to lead you in the right direction. Have faith that a higher power is always there to protect you and loves you unconditionally. And take action on what your intuition says about what is the right path for you


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“It’s not for sale at any price” – Jupiter Square Pluto

Rick: [about his club] “It’s not for sale”

Ferrari: “You haven’t heard my offer”

Rick: “It’s not for sale at any price”

This quote from the classic movie Casablanca is a great metaphor for what the upcoming Jupiter square Pluto stands for. A powerful and elegant answer to the even more classical “I will make you an offer you can’t refuse” (from the movie Godfather), Jupiter – Pluto speaks of those things in life that are non-negotiable. Real power, real strength, real character, strong beliefs ARE non-negotiable.


This transit also speaks about faith. When we have faith, we know things will turn out the way they are supposed to, beyond dear and beyond uncertainty.

Jupiter is in Libra and Pluto is in Capricorn. Libra and Capricorn are cardinal signs – Libra rules partnerships and relationships, while Capricorn is about the way we want to project ourselves into the world. When in square, we will be torn between “saving our relationships” and “saving our face”. When everything becomes a matter of principle, it is impossible to compromise.

On a positive side, Pluto’s (king on the underworld) intensity combined with Jupiter (‘larger than life’ king of all gods), gives us the strength to overcome any obstacle. Together the two will give us a tremendous drive to succeed, no matter what.

On a more negative note, Jupiter/Pluto square can turn into, “I’m right and you’re wrong”, my faith, religion, beliefs, are superior to yours. Our desire to compete and win can be stronger than any reason. Mixing with people from different cultures or backgrounds can lead to disputes. Religious mania or extremism are possible outcomes if we remain single-minded.

Because a square is a square, it is likely we will face some sort of tests and challenges in our quest for success – but it is through these challenges that we will become even stronger and more resilient.

All in all, transiting Jupiter square Pluto makes us want to succeed, and succeed big-time. And because we want it so bad, it is highly likely we WILL succeed. Success, power and influence are all possible now – just keep in mind that, no matter what Rick says, there will always be a price to pay 😉

Leonard Cohen had an almost exact Jupiter / Pluto square (0°03’) in his natal chart. His music, for example the song Hallelujah, evokes the “battle” of spirituality, religion, higher purpose (Jupiter) and the deep, soul-searching call for the Truth, beyond any dogma or ideology (Pluto).

People with planets or angles around 19° in Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) are especially affected by this transit.

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Sun Enters Sagittarius

Happy birthday to all the Saggies out there! – and although only 1/12 of us have the Sun in Sagittarius, we will all benefit from this transit, because the Sun will be activating the area of our chart where there’s room to grow.

With the Sun’s ingress into Sagittarius, we are entering a period of optimism, brightness, expansion and faith.

Sun in Sagittarius is an invitation to embrace our passions and aim higher, to choose freedom over “hanging on,” and follow our heart wherever it wants to take us.


There’s an explorer inside us all. Whether or not we go on physical or mental explorations, the freedom to experiment and see THE POSSIBILITY and potential everywhere is there, in each one of us, waiting to be unleashed.

Sun in Sagittarius is here to teach us that we can only learn from experience, and to go out into the wild, we have to “dare to” make unpredictability our friend.

Like the archer, we have to aim and let go. We are now discovering that when we trust our instinct, in that moment of divine focus when we connect with the fire within, we usually get it right.

In the following weeks, you have the celestial green light to go for all kind of new experiences without worrying to much (Jupiter, which rules Sagittarius, is the ‘Great Benefic’, so you are in good hands) – so just keep your eyes open and say “yes” to any unusual opportunities. Whether these are exotic lands or just the sight of the unfamiliar – your heart will leap at the possibilities that lay beyond your comfort zone.

Beware though, too much of the good thing can lead to denial of seeing  risks or obstacles. Too much optimism and faith can be a double edged sword – there is a danger to get stuck in your head for what you believe in and fight tooth to nail to get everyone else see it too.

Opinions can run very strong! Just keep in mind that is when you’ve become certain of something, you’ve stopped being open to learning.

Deep inside, Sagittarius is a lover of Truth, and candor and honesty are his hallmarks. The transit is good for dealing with institutions of higher learning, publishing companies, law, sports and adventure.

Take advantage of the Sun in Sagittarius’ contagiously enthusiastic approach to life and use the following weeks to learn something new, sign up for a class, enroll in a club, do something in your community to help make a difference, spread positive energy, have fun and dream big.

Life is a journey, enjoy the ride!

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Neptune Conjunct South Node – The Art Of Letting Go

Neptune and the South Node of the Moon are now exactly conjunct at 9° Pisces.

The Neptune South Node conjunction, which takes place just before Neptune turns direct, is a warning about the danger of falling back into the old ways, and in the same time an invitation to finally drop what is not working anymore. Let it go.

Everything that has been hidden and repressed is now coming up to the surface, to be acknowledged and healed, before we can finally let go and can move on.


Easier said than done. The South Node is our Karma, our point of comfort. We have the natural tendency to be reactive and allow previous patterns of experience to repeat themselves:  we choose the same type of partner each time, despite a track record on relationships ending for the same reasons, we keep on delaying giving up a bad habit, thinking that one final indulgence will be the last.

The temptation to stay there, victimize and think “hey, but that’s me, and I’m doing this because of that” is very strong. But don’t give up! The answer is always in the North Node – and the North Node is in Virgo, inviting us to get our act together, set tangible objectives, and make plans to reach them. We need to finally take responsibility for maintaining healthy routines in our everyday life.

For this, we need to leave the past where it belongs – in the past, with all its routines and comforts.  We need to LET GO. Mercury and Saturn are in square to Neptune / the Nodes, helping us in the process of releasing the old patterns.

What do you need to let go of? What thoughts, habits and attachments keep you stuck and create unnecessary stress in your life?

Here are three exercises you can try to support you in the process:

The “Neptune” exercise

Take a pen and two pieces of paper.

Can you think of a metaphor for your past? Draw on the first sheet of paper the image that comes to your mind. After you finish, close your eyes and visualize your future. Can you think of a metaphor for your life tomorrow? Now open your eyes and draw it on the second sheet of paper.

Your past is the South Node, and your future is the North Node – look at the two drawings to get any clues. What can you start doing tomorrow, to bring you closer to your North Node?

The “Mercury / Saturn” exercise

Write down three things that you are holding on to that are no longer serving you.

  1. I am holding on to_________________________________________
  2. I am holding on to_________________________________________
  3. I am holding on to_________________________________________

Pick one of these three things, and make a plan to let it go.

The “Nodes” exercise

Take a mirror – hold it into your dominant hand. Look into the mirror. Hold your gaze for at least 2 minutes. What do you see? How do you feel? What thoughts, feelings, memories, come to you? Now move the mirror in your non-dominant hand and look again. What do you see? How do you feel now?

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A Healing, Earthy Full Moon In Taurus

The Full Moon which is also a Supermoon occurs in Taurus, the sign of her exaltation. The Moon feels at her best in the sensual, earthy sign of Taurus.

After the stressful previous Full Moon in Aries, which might have pushed you out of your natural rhythm, this Full Moon’s energy is healing, earthy and grounding. The Full Moon in Taurus will gently help you reclaim your peace and inner equilibrium – now is the time to do things that align you with your internal clock, get grounded and find your center.

“Patience” by  Emily Balivet 

A sextile from Chiron will support the gentle healing. Chiron is the medicine man and goes very well with the earthy energy of Taurus.

You may want to try some healing herbs, experiment with flower essences or do aromatherapy.

The ruler of the Full Moon, Venus, is now in Capricorn, adding to the earthy qualities of Taurus.

In Capricorn, Venus brings the bigger perspective and it will help you manage your resources and set smart goals.

If Moon is Taurus sees something that smells good and wants to buy it, Venus in Capricorn will gently remind her that sometimes she is better off saving the money, so she can buy something more valuable than a whim.

The awareness (Capricorn) of your energy levels and resources (Taurus) can help you realize how to spend them wisely.

Moon in Taurus rules our values, our senses, our emotional as well as physical well-being, our diet and our routines and rituals. During this Full Moon, which will release the energies build up starting with the New Moon on the 30th of October, we will be coming back into the world of senses, back into our body, back into engaging with our everyday environment.

Neptune is also coming close to a conjunction to the South Node of the past, highlighting even more the need to break free from patterns and behaviors that no longer serve us. Neptune is now stationary direct and is stronger than ever. Pay attention to your dreams as you may receive important messages in the next few days.

The reason why Full Moons are so powerful is because the Moon is on the other side of the Sun, where she can shine in the full splendor. But she is also very exposed there, because the Sun sits just opposite, watching her every move.

During the time of the Full Moon, the Sun in Scorpio is conjunct Lilith, the dark side of the Moon, exposing all the feminine wounds, all the pain, frustrations and inhibitions that the anima has been building up through centuries and millenniums of development of the psyche. Because Lilith is conjunct the Sun, it is likely she will blame the men (Sun) for all the suffering, while asking the Moon do deal with it.

Thankfully, the harmonious Chiron influence (sextile to the Moon and trine to the Sun/Lilith) will facilitate the integration of the dark side of anima and animus, healing and letting go of anything that needs to be healed.

Things to do during the Full Moon in Taurus:

  • This Full Moon energy is very earthy and feminine – take the time to listen to the signals you’re getting from your body; recognize what it feels like to be in your body. Listen to your body’s response on what you put in it. Follow your own natural rhythm of living and do what feels right to you
  • Inner balance can blossom when your everyday life can provide a structure that can nurture and support you. (Re)discover routines and rituals such as: 5 minutes of meditation every day at 9:00, a walk in the park every Tuesday and Thursday, or simply having your coffee the way you like it, at the same time, with the same ingredients. You can write down your (new) ritual and put it in your diary
  • Shopping will feel so good – but make sure you only spend money on valuable items
  • Spend time in nature – if you have the opportunity go hiking or camping, or do gardening
  • A healthy level of indulgence is appropriate now. You can slowly savor some chocolate or a glass of red wine – sensual experiences of food and touch are important for Taurus, so now during the Full Moon is the best time to explore them
  • Reflect on your feelings of self-worth – what are they built on? On what you’ve been told, or rather on your mature, realistic self-assessment? No one can tell you anything worthwhile about you that you don’t already believe yourself
  • Last but not least, don’t forget this Full Moon is also a Supermoon so go out for a nice walk and watch it  🙂
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Mercury in Sagittarius

Let’s welcome Mercury in Sagittarius! Freedom of thought, vision, leadership, optimism – this is what Mercury in Sagittarius stands for.

Not so keen on details, Mercury in Sagittarius prefers to focus on the big picture. He likes to have the freedom to think for himself, and to focus on the topics that he likes, especially if that is:

  • An opinion that is different than yours
  • Fun
  • Philosophical


Forget about political correctness during the next few weeks. Mercury in Sagittarius, with his restless intellect, has a hard time with rules, limits and he could not care less about what other people think (of course, those people who don’t share HIS opinions). He won’t have the patience to deal with other people’s opinions – especially if he has heard them many times before – as he see them as a waste of time. Life is too big and there is always so much to think about.

But Mercury is Sagittarius is not narcissistic, nor naïve. With his broad viewpoints, he is able to put things together in a way that other people can’t see them.

Things to do during the Mercury in Sagittarius transit:

  • Focus on the full side of the glass – Mercury in Sagittarius is known for its contagious optimism
  • Do stand up comedy or any type of public speaking
  • Go ‘big picture’ – if Mercury in Gemini is about connecting things and ideas and thinking inside the box, Mercury in Sagittarius is about thinking outside the box. In Sagittarius, Mercury is Jupiter-like, so he likes to ‘go big’ in everything he does
  • Share your great ideas with others, while allowing them to draw their own conclusions and develop their own opinions. A good, honest debate will always lead to better outcomes
  • Travel – either with your mind, or literally, pick a destination and go and explore a different culture
  • Start learning a new language
  • Philosophize – this is the best time of the year to attempt to answer the big questions of life. “What does it all mean?”

Famous natives with Mercury in Sagittarius: Martin Luther, Marie Curie, Woody Allen, Jimi Hendrix, Voltaire.

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A Hundred Floors Above Us, In The Tower Of Song – R.I.P. Leonard Cohen

Rest in peace Leonard, a hundred floors above us, in the tower of song.


Leonard dies only few months after his muse Marianne Ihlen, the subject of his song “So Long Marianne” died at the age of 81. Cohen’s farewell letter to Marianne was read at her funeral, stating that “our bodies are falling apart and I think I will follow you very soon. Know that I am so close behind you that if you stretch out your hand, I think you can reach mine.”

Just last month he told in an interview he was not afraid of death, and the lyrics of the first song on his latest album featured the words “I’m ready, my Lord”

Although Leonard is no longer with us, his music and poetry will always stay in our hearts. We will be speaking to us sweetly from a window in the tower of song. Hallelujah.

One thing struck me when I looked at his astrological chart. His Venus – the planet of love and beauty –  is in perfect conjunction with Neptune, the planet of higher love, spirituality, and mysticism, in the humble and service oriented sign of Virgo in his 12th house. He was the ultimate artist.

Leonard Cohen – The Tower of Song

“Well, my friends are gone and my hair is grey
I ache in the places where I used to play
And I’m crazy for love but I’m not coming’ on.
I’m just paying’ my rent every day in the Tower of Song

I said to Hank Williams “How lonely does it get?”
Hank Williams hasn’t answered yet
But I hear him coughing all night long
Oh, a hundred floors above me in the Tower of Song

I was born like this, I had no choice
I was born with the gift of a golden voice
And twenty-seven angels from the Great Beyond,
They tied me to this table right here in the Tower of Song

So you can stick your little pins in that voodoo doll
I’m very sorry, baby, it doesn’t look like me at all
I’m standing’ by the window where the light is strong
Ah, they don’t let a woman kill you, not in the Tower of Song

Now, you can say that I’ve grown bitter but of this you may be sure:
The rich have got their channels in the bedrooms of the poor
And there’s a mighty Judgement coming’ but I may be wrong
You see, I hear these funny voices in the Tower of Song

I see you standing’ on the other side
I don’t know how the river got so wide
I loved you, baby, way back when…
And all the bridges are burning’ that we might’ve crossed
But I feel so close to everything that we lost
We’ll never, we’ll never have to lose it again.

Now, I bid you farewell, I don’t know when I’ll be back
They’re moving’ us tomorrow to the tower down the track
But you’ll be hearing’ from me, baby, long after I’m gone
I’ll be speaking’ to you sweetly from a window in the Tower of Song.

Yeah, my friends are gone and my hair is grey
I ache in the places where I used to play
And I’m crazy for love but I’m not coming’ on.
I’m just paying’ my rent everyday in the Tower of Song”

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Mars In Aquarius – It’s Time For A Revolution

Mars entered Aquarius on the 8th of November and it will stay here until 19th of December.

This is a very important transit, because Mars is in mutual reception with Uranus in Aries. Being in mutual reception, Mars and Uranus will strengthen each other and take on each other’s attributes.

So Mars will become ‘Uranus in Aries’-like, revolutionary, rebellious and much more action-oriented the fixed Aquarius Mars usually is. This time, Mars will take a serious stand against the status quo.


Change must happen if we want to be free and live in the Truth, and Mars in Aquarius is willing to take the actions to make all the necessary changes happen.

Those of you with a natal Mars in Aquarius will experience a “Mars return”.

Mars return happens when the transit Mars reaches the same degree as its natal position. Planetary returns mark the beginning of another cycle of a particular planet’s continued development in our psyche – in the case of Mars –  our assertion, will, what motivates and energizes us, our borders with the outside world.

And for the people with Sun in Aquarius – the Aquarians – , the Mars transit over your Sun can activate a project you started at the time you had the Mars return.

Let’s take an example: if you are born on the 22nd January 1980, on the 10th of November 2016 Mars will transit your natal Sun (at 2° in Aquarius). If you look at your natal chart you will notice you have Mars at 15° in Virgo. The next step is to check when you had the last Mars return. If you look at the ephemeris, last time we had Mars transiting Virgo at 15° was around 20 October 2015. Think about what you have been doing back then – that project can finally move forward now.

For all of us, irrespective of our Mars or Sun placements, the transit of Mars in Aquarius can manifest in two main ways:

  • If you feel stuck, unappreciated or simply bored in one or more areas of your life, this transit will give you that push to break free from the chains of the society and express your uniqueness. During the next 1 month and a half you will want to do something different, and distinguish yourself from your group – school, workplace or any type of community. Now is the time to challenge group thinking and stand out for YOUR truth. If you no longer connect yourself with the direction of the group you are part of, you have the celestial green light  to do something about it.
  • On a contrary, if you’ve been too much “me” focused in the last 2 years, the transit will remind you about the power of collective wisdom. Being part of something greater than yourself, belonging to like-minded groups and communities, can your individual potential leverage to a greater extent. That group, that community, this world needs you and would not be the same without you.

Mars in Aquarius transit key words: collective consciousness, putting hopes and ideals into action, adrenaline, intra and inter group collaboration, technology breakthroughs, bringing innovation  to market, free thinking and unique expression, mass communication, revolution.