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Jupiter Square Saturn

Jupiter is the planet of faith, and Saturn is the planet of maturity.

Faith is knowing that when life doesn’t go quite as planned, it is, in fact, exactly as planned.


The planet of beliefs, spirituality and abundance (Jupiter) gets crossed with the serious and disciplined Saturn. The result?

Initially, you may feel uncertain and unsure about your future.

But later, you will learn to strike that fine balance between fear (Saturn) and faith (Jupiter).

Saturn will make Jupiter a little bit wiser, and Jupiter will make Saturn a little bit more relaxed.

Because Jupiter and Saturn are interpersonal planets (so is not much we can do really to influence this aspect), we will be asked to adjust our beliefs, while keeping the faith that the universe is working in our best interest.

Jupiter Square Saturn Dates

  • July 2015 to May 2016
  • August 2024 to June 2025
  • April 2035 to February 2036
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Sun Opposition Mars

If you felt frustrated and annoyed in the last couple of days – an astral explanation for this is the recent Sun-Mars opposition.


We can only have an opposition between Mars and Sun when Mars is retrograde.

This also means that Mars is at his closest distance from the Earth. If you look for him in the night sky, Mars is full of light now, like a knight in shining armor, brighter than ever!

So we have the hero – a knight called Mars, in an epic battle with his father, the Sun. The problem is Mars and Sun are at the greatest distance from each other. A physical confrontation is not possible. Still, the opposition to the Sun puts Mars to a test of strength. But what is Mars really fighting? Again remember Mars is close to the Earth, so all that he can really do is deal with “earthy” matters.

The magic of understanding the Mars-Sun opposition is realizing the hero’s (Mars) greatest opponent is his own shadow. His real battle is with the forces of his unconscious.

The role of the Mars-Sun opposition is to facilitate greater awareness of oneself and others, by challenging our “earthy” limitations. What is behind the anger? What are the material things that block you from having more initiative, from reaching your goals?

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5 Planets Retrograde

In the last few weeks, having 5 planets retrograde was certainly not easy (now we have 4, as Jupiter turned direct on the 9th of May). Last time we had 5 planets retrograde was 10 years ago! Retrogrades are a time for reevaluating choices, and turning inwards. Things just don’t seem to work as they used to.


But – by coincidence – or maybe not, because there are not such things as coincidences in astrology 🙂 – during this retrograde period we have a very fortunate earth grand trine supported by Jupiter, Pluto, and several planets in Taurus.

With the retrograde period falling in the sign of Taurus – the sign of nature and matter – we have an amazing opportunity to slow down, tune into deeper connections – that otherwise get overlooked – with our surroundings and with ourselves, and understand at a deeper level the language of nature.

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Venus Trine Jupiter

Venus trine Jupiter is one of those 5-star transits. Why that?

Because Venus and Jupiter according to ancient astrology are known as “benefics” or “fortunes” which means these planets will easily attract benefits and opportunities in our way.


Imagine a secret garden in the middle of an enchanted forest. The garden is filled with scented flowers, magical healing herbs, exotic spices and lush trees. Nightingales sing and a stream flows swiftly by, reflecting the muted purple of the dusk. The soil is so fertile that is bursting with blooms and abundance of colors and fragrance.

We all have this secret garden inside us. Is a place of infinite possibilities and mesmerizing beauty. But the garden needs our attention. We need to seed good intentions (Venus). We need to take care of it daily and remove the weeds (Jupiter). The message of the Venus Jupiter transit is that growth and abundance know no limit, as long as we cultivate it from within and take the proper time and care to nourish the garden of our body and soul.

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Jupiter Turns Direct

On May 9th we have 2 very important astrological events.

Firstly, Jupiter turns direct, which means that faith, optimism, and hope will be restored. This is an excellent transit, also because Jupiter is part of the grand Earth trine (a configuration we have in the first weeks of May) supporting us in turning our wildest dreams into reality.

The 2nd important transit is Mercury conjunct Sun which means Mercury is firstly combust, creating chaos in our communication, then for a few hours is forming a so called cazimi aspect (which means that out of the sudden our intellect becomes very sharp, and we can have great intellectual insights), and then is combust again for the rest of the day. Not only we have this transit, but this time Mercury passes directly between the Earth and the Sun (this is one of those rare occurrences, only 13 every 100 years – when Mercury’s orbit intersects with Earth’s orbit) which means that Mercury will work in a close sync with the Earth and will relate to our earthy matters more than it usually does.


To recap, we have Jupiter and Mercury playing a central role in the sky, and both celestial bodies are overcharged with energy. Because Jupiter amplifies everything it touches, we will have an explosion of Mercurial energy. Unexpected news, tense conversations, events related to transportation and short trips, anything is possible. This morning, one friend of mine used Google maps to take a ‘shortcut’ on a highway, only to be guided to the opposite lane (he got the full meaning of Mercury retrograde…), while another friend forgot to take his laptop to work…so he had to turn back home and waste a few hours in traffic.

These examples look like a series of rather annoying events…However, let’s not forget that both Mercury and Jupiter and in Earth sigs. The Universe wants us to have a daily schedule and calendar that speak to what we value. ‘What we value’ are the key words here – look at your everyday life – starting with routines, activities, even your job – are these truly reflecting who you really are, what you want to become? Jupiter is about beliefs. In Virgo, Jupiter draws our attention to the way we are taking care of ourselves, and how that has an impact on our vision about life, and the other way around. How is your health? Is your diet, are your daily habits supporting you in your goals?

We now have the chance to gain crystal clear clarity on what we need to change in our daily habits to become a better version of ourselves.